At the dawn of time the great gods mixed their blood in a massive golden chalice and created a portal that connected this world to many others. People that came out of this portal built the cities and filled the universe with magic, animals inhabited the forests, demons and ghosts seized other dimensions. The gods gave enormous power to the greatest of the rulers letting them control the portal and summon whole armies using it. The portal grew in size, changed, became brighter and brighter... The energy was overwhelming. It seemed to consume itself, wearing thinner and thinner.

Eventually, what was bound to happen happened: a terrible explosion tore the portal apart, scattering its shards across the continent. Chaos filled the world, ghosts, ancient monsters and beasts from other dimensions rushed into it.

The world hasn’t recovered from the catastrophe yet but there was a new threat hanging over it: the shards of the portal were obtained by villains and heroes alike and no one knew what is going to happen if dark forces will up end and collect all of the portal shards. Fate now gives you a chance to take part in this story.

Huge game world

63 special locations

Extensive bestiary
Exciting story

quaint characters and interesting missions

PVP arena

pit your armies against
armies of other players